Advanced Kayak Fishing Techniques – On the Water Live Feed and Demo

The Three Belles Outfitters Kayak Fishing Team will be discussing techniques for successfully navigating and fishing the waters of the Northeast in a kayak. From selecting the appropriate kayak, to rigging and safety gear, the team will discuss the essentials for getting started in the sport. Team members will display techniques and maneuvers for getting to the fish, and placing your bait in the Strike-Zone. Expert anglers will cover the optimal methods for fishing several local freshwater and saltwater hotspots for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Tautog, Trout, Pike, Freshwater Bass and more. Weather-Permitting, Kayak Fishermen will ALSO be Live-Streamed Fishing on the Big Screen via a Live Feed DIRECTLY FROM THE WATER.

Three Belles Fishing Team Profile Info:

The Three Belles Outfitters Fishing Team is a group of passionate and experienced kayak fishing anglers. A varied array of backgrounds give the team a breadth of experience. 2017 Team Members include: Shawn Barham (Hobie Fishing Team), Cris DeBeer, Thomas Houde, Corey Pelletier, Jose Negron (Hobie Fishing Team), Elliot Thomas, and Derek Williams (Hobie Fishing Team). In addition to introducing new kayak anglers to the waters of NY, CT, RI, and MA, the team competes in several regional and national kayak fishing tournaments. The Three Belles Fishing Team hosts the annual TBO Trifecta Challenge Kayak Fishing Tournament in Niantic, CT in July.