Trolling Umbrella Rigs for Stripers in Shallow Water

Capt. Andrew Mazzitelli, a Maine native, has been fishing the waters of the Atlantic of the shores of Maine and New Hampshire for over 25 years. As a certified captain he has led many fishing enthusiasts to trophy sized fish from Striped Bass to Bluefish. Many of Andy’s customers have been recognized by the Maine Department of Marine Resources Tackle-Busters Club for their outstanding catches. As a young ambitious fishing enthusiast Capt. Andy started out learning how to troll with umbrella rigs from a seasoned Captain Cole based in the Chesapeake Bay area. From there Andy has developed a relationship with the well known 9ER’s Lures. Together they have brought umbrella rigs to the forefront of trolling for trophy sized fish, professionally and recreationally. As of late Captain Andy has been working with Mike Laptew, professional underwater cameraman, to document the habitats and existence of the the Striped Bass. In doing so educating themselves to help others land the catch of a lifetime! Captain Andy’s passion for the outdoors, especially fishing, is as strong today as it was 40 years ago. May your 2016 fishing season be adventurous!!