How to Target Giant Blackfish

Captain Mel True has been fishing the coastal waters off of New England for over 25 years. He owns and operates “Fishnet Charters” a full-time mobile, charter fishing business that brings anglers to legendary fishing locations along the Massachusetts and Rhode Island coastlines. His knowledge of the fishery is often showcased in his articles that are featured in some of the top fishing magazines in New England. He is also a professional photographer whose photos have been featured in several fishing related advertisements and he has been on several fishing magazine covers. Capt. True also enjoys sharing his experiences and fishing expertise at seminars hosted local fishing clubs. He is on the Pro Staff of various local and national companies with ties to the fishing industry. He is actively involved with the development and testing of many fishing related products. These connections allow him to use some of the best products on the market. Known for consistently catching trophy sized fish, Capt. Mel is also respected in the fishing community as an all around true sportsman.


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