Modern Archery Equipment/Deer Herd Management & Spring Black Bear Hunting with a Bow

“Del” DelMastro started bow hunting small game animals, using a recurve bow, at the age of 15. Around 1970 Del switched over to a compound bow and continued hunting in the woods of Connecticut. He became one of Connecticut’s first archery industries sponsored Pro-Staff bow hunters in the early 1990’s.

He has bow hunted in numerous countries and taken many big game animals with his bow and arrow. He has written articles, as well as having had articles writtenabout him and his many adventures.Del has numerous Pope and Young animals to his credit and is a regular member of the Club.ou can find him at most East Coast Sportsman shows doing seminars on many archery and bow hunting topics, and also as a featured speaker at Cabelas in East Hartford, Connecticut. Still residing in Connecticut with his wife Judi, Del is a Senior Archery instructor for the State of Connecticut and former president of the United Bowhunters of Connecticut.


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